Summer Fun, Hershey and Parkway Run Coming Up Soon

We haven’t posted for a while. It has been a busy and good summer so far for the family and Naya. Between her treatments, Naya’s stayed fairly active and enjoyed the summer weather and scenery.

She’s been relaxing in the pool, seeing her cousins and on occasion, rides PJ. We finally made it to Hershey Park, and also visited her Aunt Donna & Uncle Jeff in Lancaster. It was a great trip. Highlights including daily picking of black raspberries from the garden, going to the Farmers market, and of course, Hershey Park. The Park was a blast for all of us. Naya mandated we ride roller coasters, so that’s what we did for pretty much the entire time. We stayed at the park through the afternoon, took a cat nap in the middle of the day, then back at the park in the evening. I was totally exhausted!

She’s managed to fit in golf cart driving, and even some school summer reading.

She is still in treatment, and it can be hard for the days that she gets the meds, but she’s holding up pretty well all in all.

We are also getting our act together for the Parkway Run. We still have $95,000 to raise, so we’ll need a lot of help and support. Remember, this all goes towards research for a cure. Here’s the link…IMG_1274




Let’s Raise 100,000 and Help Save Kids’ Lives

2013 Parkway Run photo

2013 Parkway Run photo

Let’s raise $100,000 to help save kids’ lives.

It’s time again for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Parkway Run.  Last year, TeamNaya raised $58,000.  All of that money was directed towards pediatric brain cancer research, and used to help find new cures and therapies for Naya and other kids like her.  This year, we want to raise $100,000 with your help.

To reach our goal, we are hoping to grow our team so that you and others can also fundraise on behalf of TeamNaya.  There are a few ways you can get started.  Sign up for the walk and walk with us, join our team and raise funds on your own for the Team, or simply donate any amount to help us get started.  To do any one of the three, use the following link:

Also, this year we are going to try selling items to help raise money. More to come on this front, and if you have your own ideas, feel free to send them to us and we’ll promote them for you.

We can’t wait to see you this September!


We Should All Have BirthWeek Celebrations!

IMG_1230 IMG_1231 IMG_1237Naya had a great week celebrating her 11th birthday. Her energy was generally good all week, which allowed her to enjoy everything she wanted to do. It got off to a bang with about 70 text messages wishing her a great day. Thanks to all of you who sent or are continuing to send her messages.  She had great fun reading them, and asking us who some of you are.  I’d encourage all of you to think about the same idea for your kids.  It’s better than Facebook bday messages!

She had love and friends all around her all week long. The week consisted of a mani/pedi, Godzilla movie (which was really good), dinner at her favorite restaurant, riding PaintJack and finally, a pool party exactly as she planned it. We didn’t make it to Hershey Park yet due to the threat of rain so that’ll be a different day.  The cake was also awesome as it’s designed to look like PaintJack.

She managed to do all of this while in treatment.  Her docs allowed us to move one of her treatments by a day so she’d have a great day.  She’s also off her tube right now as her appetite is improving.  She’s almost at the weight she was before this all began.

Enjoy the pics!


Naya’s 11th Birthday – Text Wishes to 610-999-9258

Tuesday is Naya’s 11th birthday, and a well deserved one!  We’re planning about a week-long set of fun things for her to do, while working around her treatment.  We’re timing things so that she hopefully feels great and has a wonderful day and week.

Please text your wishes directly to her at 610-999-9258.  She asked you also include who you are in case she doesn’t recognize your number :)

We hope to spend a day at Hershey Park, go to the Devon Horse Show, and have a fun pool party with her friends and family.  With summer here, we’re hoping she gets to see her friends more and enjoy the pool.  Image


Naya a Busy Bee

Swimming and snorkeling with fish and stingray, meeting Cole Hamels, hanging with cousins, making mom feel so privileged on Mother’s Day, convincing Aunt Donna to go on the Tower of Terror, watching fireworks at Epcot, and just hanging with her brother.  What a month it’s been so far.  We still have a birthday to fit in, and hopefully a party and Hershey Park visit.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.ImageImageImage


Mother’s Day card from Naya

Naya and Nature, and a Birthday Wish

Our kids have lived in big metropolitan areas – San Francisco, Toronto and now Philly.  Yet, Naya is more in the Pioneer Girl category, surrounded by animals and Mother Nature.  Her dogs, horse and recent visits to hang out with Dolphins keep her days fun while she balances the physical and emotional effects of beginning chemo treatment again.  She also spent some time in Lancaster County with her Aunt Donna and Uncle Jeff last week, and enjoyed bird watching, riding on a tractor, and picking fresh asparagus from the field.  

As the month moves forward, we have a lot going on. She’s planning to spend a couple of days in Orlando, with the highlight of the trip being….you guessed it….swimming with dolphins. We also have a birthday to celebrate on May 27th, when she turns 11!  This is all going on while she is going through treatment, so we’ll take things a day at a time and see how she feels.  

If you want to do anything for her birthday, she is asking for donations to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  We have set up a fundraising site, where all funds will go towards research to cure pediatric brain cancer



It’s Been a While

Since we updated the blog and I know you are all wondering what’s going on.

At the beginning of April Naya had her regularly scheduled brain and spine MRI’s and we found a lesion on her temporal lobe. So since then we have been doing more tests as well as some procedures to maximize her treatment options. We have started treatments again, last Friday, and will again take it one day at a time.

As you can see, Naya is still in love with PaintJack and is back riding two days a week working on building her strength and of course having fun.


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